Our Mission

“We believe that goodness resides in all mankind; kindness and love is not something learned rather it comes more natural to the human heart. How many of us deep inside yearn to extend our hands and wish if we were a little wealthier, if we had a little more to spare with the needy and always end our thoughts with statements like “This is just wishful thinking, I can barely meet my needs.”


The Birth of Hold My Hand was not based on an overflowing bank account, rather a realization of the greatest currency within, Love. We were concerned that the number of abandoned kids in our community who are in need of what we took for granted were escalating. So here we are holding hands to reach out to children

Who lack not only the basic needs, but also the very core of life: hope and love? It is with great privilege we testify what a great purpose in life it has been to serve these kids. Arise and join us in this great movement.  And let us impact lives together.”


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Each year, hundreds of children and teens are removed from their homes due to abuse, neglect or
abandonment. We manage humaniterian related services for these youth.

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